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Online filings of designs in Israel

Online filings of designs in Israel

Originally published January 17th 2017

On December the 22nd Teff & Associates attended a workshop at the Israeli Patent, Design and Trademark Office about filing designs.

As of 26 December 2016, an Israeli design application can be filed online.  Patent attorneys and companies will be required to file online only as of 26 June 2017.


The following will apply to the online filings:

  1. In contrast to the previous procedure, class must be selected at the time of filing.  This class may be changed during examination.
  2. A disclaimer template which is optional is included in the online filing.  A custom disclaimer may be used instead; however, the design department stated that the template is always acceptable.
  3. The order of uploading the drawings is the order in which they will appear in the published design.
  4. Confirmation of filing is sent online within a few days of the filing.

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