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Welcome to The Patenters - a patent firm specializing in patent law. We are experts in registering patents, designs and trademarks and provide assistance in commercialization.

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Patent registration

A patent is a legal document that defines an invention. The patent gives its owner a monopoly on commercial exploitation of the invention

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The intellectual property center for the entire registration and commercialization process

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Join thousands of satisfied customers who have already filed patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights

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The Patenters

Registration of patents, designs and trademarks, commercialization assistance.
The center for intellectual property for the entire registration and commercialization process.

The Patenters serves both private clients and large companies in Israel, and accompanies the client at his place of business. Also, the center serves as a representative in Israel for clients from around the world to submit and prosecute applications: patents,  Trade marks, service marks, design patents, handling office actions and refusals, oppositions, renewals and more.

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Why work with us?

How do we work?

We, first of all your confidants, are experts in both patent drafting and strategy. We are attentive and agile, consider the budget, and initiate and maintain a real relationship with you between meetings and between tasks.

We realize the commercial potential of your idea as soon as possible and to the maximum extent.

It is important to us to provide personal and excellent service to every customer, whoever he/she is. Our ambition is to prepare comprehensive and clear material that represents creative thought and outside the box, but with feet on the ground. All these lead to a high success rate of the intellectual property we handle.

Let’s talk about costs

Thanks to the way we work, we have reached a high level of efficiency according to which we work to high standards, while maintaining a level of administrative expenses that are among the lowest in relation to the industry. Financing patents is no small thing and the first steps of the patent registration process are a little more expensive with us compared to many of the competitors, but thanks to our method, in its total, the average cost of the process is much cheaper with us and it yields better results.

Interested in more information?

We occasionally upload articles with a lot of information that can help you..
It is worth visiting our guides page. In addition, you will also find articles with useful and relevant links to the Innovation Authority and other websites in our fields.

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Instead of breaking your head wondering how to register a patent – contact someone who will do it for you in a professional, efficient and correct way. For more details and professional advice in the field, contact The Patenters – the Center for Intellectual Property

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Working examples of patents


The invention and patent belong to the inventor’s company Quality by Vision. The invention relates to a system that provides improved inspection of cans. The SEAM360 is “the ultimate machine vision double seam can inspection gauge“ A US patent was granted without any objections


Belongs to Polyol, the inventor’s biotechnology company.  A process of obtaining avocado seed extracts comprising polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols (PFAs),  natural actives for preventing and treating UV damage effect to the skin.  See the video regarding the use of the seeds


Menus that are dynamic and machine learning.  The application essentially deals with a business method based on software.  Nevertheless, all 28 claims were found by the Written Opinion of the Search Authority to have industrial applicability


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