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Gives its owner a monopoly on commercial exploitation of the invention

Patent registration

Registered design


Trade secrets



What are copyrights?


Copyright is the protection given to the creator or owner of a work against unauthorized
use of a work that is his intellectual property.
The protection provided by copyright comes to protect ways of expressing ideas,
and its purpose is to encourage the enrichment of the world of expressions.
It is customary to mark a work that you want to emphasize that someone has reserved
rights to it using the © mark (the letter C inside a circle, an abbreviation of the word copyright) –
and next to it the phrase “all rights reserved”, but in most countries of the world this is not necessary,
and the work will be protected even without the mark, if it is meets other essential conditions.

Basically, changing the expression of an invention is not considered a copyright infringement,
so if it is possible it is better to patent the invention.

There is no obligation in Israel to register the right.
Below is a link to the Copyright Act of 2007: The Act

About copyright in IL

Some highlights in filing Israeli copyrights

Copyright in Israel is ruled by the Act of 2007.
An English version is available at the website of ACUM, see here

Copyright may subsist in the design of an article if it is not used,
nor intended for use in industrial manufacture (see under “Registered design“).

Although some IP offices in Israel will “register” copyright for a fee, the Act does not require this.

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