The Patenters - חברה לרישום פטנטים

The Patenters

We serve private clients and large companies, and accompany you at your place of business.

About us


Why work with us?

  1. Fully bilingual. The quality of the work is high and you
     will feel comfortable communicating with us.

  2. Our team has a cumulative experience of over 40 years.

  3. We have members of the team who are especially skilled at
     communicating with clients and we are regularly complemented
     for refreshingly talking with clients as equals.  Being transparent
     and respectfully frank are core values of our conduct.
     We go to great lengths to provide details so you know exactly what to expect.

  4. We are in for the long run. We take care to build strong relationships with our clients
    as they need to interact with us during the long process of patenting an invention.  
    Heavy investment in our patent attorney trainees and paralegals ensures seamless
    continuation of the service into the distant future.  The same service with the same
    people will be provided for work on your new inventions.  Investors love our work strategy
    that is optimized to bring best results at the end of years of work.

We are dedicated to excellence.  We aim to provide a very personal and high-quality service. 
As a testament to the quality of our work, we have an exceptionally high allowance rate for IP under our care.

Our mother tongue is English, however our Hebrew is excellent as well.
Together they allow us to both fully understand your needs and material as well as fully correspond with
the governmental Israel Patent Office.  
We aim to file official responses in English and copy them to you ahead of the deadline to afford a full
transparency of the process.

Often we conduct an in-house search in order to fully know the field of the invention. 
We then provide the client with a sincere opinion, as we are only interested in successful IP.

In drafting we do use weasel words, and aim for broad yet allowable claims. 
However, our underlying principle is to write as clearly and as concisely as possible. 
We are confident that our careful research and writing,  and a clear understanding by the
examiners of the invention, clear the way to a strong and broad patent.

Even at the stage of the drafting of the priority document [provisional etc.]
we dedicate all our efforts to a fully fleshed out specification and carefully
distinguishing the invention from the prior art.  Simultaneously we keep an
eye on maintaining trade secrets when possible.

Our experience has taught us that 1+1=3: For drafting applications,
office action responses requiring significant local research, and searches,
at least one of our crew does the bulk of the work while at least one other serves as quality control.
The quality control is there not merely to detect errors,
but more importantly bring another and independent perspective to the task.

Notwithstanding the high quality, our prices remain overall competitive by
maintaining reasonable fees for administrative work.

We serve both individuals and companies, in Israel and abroad, from our base in north Israel,
offices in Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan and Haifa, and upon arrangement on-site.  
We perform high quality drafting and filing of Israeli, provisional and PCT patent applications,
as well as filing Israeli design applications and Israeli trademarks,
and prosecution or litigation support of the same.

We are experienced in intellectual property in the fields of medical devices,
mechanical systems/apparatuses, materials, chemistry, medicine, electrical systems, physics, software and more.

The Patenters has strategic partnerships with a number of IP lawyers and patent attorneys.  

We also have particular expertise in securing funds from local governmental bodies. 
This service is offered only to existing clients that use us to register their IP.

Howard Teff Ph.D

Israeli Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney.

Native English speaker (UK).   

Over 15 years experience in IP, mostly in patents in a number of IP offices.  

Richard Tasgal, Ph.D

Native English speaker (CA). 
Dr. Tasgal has over 25 years experience in optics, telecommunication and physical chemistry.

Jasmine Josephine

Jasmine (JJ) is a paralegal. with us since 2022. Completed two years volunteering in national service. Speaks fluent English and Hebrew. These days she is completing a certificate training as a certified paralegal through the CIPA organization.

Elisa J Llewellyn-Sendik

Elisa is a paralegal.  She immigrated to Israel in 2015 from US.  
Elisa has a background in English editing, and customer service and administative support.

Mordechai Lando Ph.D.

Dr Lando obtained expertise in four pillars of innovation: research, investment evaluation, intellectual property, and entrepreneurship. After completing his Ph.D. in physics, Dr Lando worked for NRCN of Israel for more than 20 years.

Jennifer Teff

Israeli Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney.  
Native English speaker (US). 
Working for over 20 years in intellectual property (IP), and very experienced in both trademarks and patents, in-house.

Barak Henen

Barak is a fourth year mechanical Engineering student at the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa.
He has knowledge in design, manufacturing process and control. Barak is proficient in Solidworks, Creo Parametric and Matlab. He is majoring in control and robotics in which he has been taught to think outside of the box and solve problems through creativity and analysis.

Vered Yalinewich

Vered is a paralegal.
She has a degree in geography and environmental studies from Ben Gurion University.

Leora (Finkelstein) Landy

Leora is a patent attorney trainee.
She has a Bachelor of Science in biomedical/medical engineering from Rutgers University.  Her focus was on biomechanics, specializing in devices and prosthetics. 

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