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In principle the articles in the website are categorized into tutorials and (news) blogs.  The tutorials are mainly for Hebrew speaking inventors and other laymen as far as IP, whereas the blogs/news coverages and commentaries are mostly for international IP professionals.  As such the tutorials are as a rule in Hebrew whereas the news is almost entirely in English under the English version of the website.  However, some news, mostly local, that is more relevant to Israeli IP practitioners is in Hebrew.

Disclaimers for website and blog

We provide information, not advice

This website and the blog provide general information only.  They are designed to assist you to gain a basic understanding of intellectual property (IP) principles. They are not intended to provide legal, business, or other professional advice.

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Do not use information in this website as a substitute for professional advice. Seek professional advice before you take any commercial decisions or steps.

The intellectual property laws in other jurisdictions are different from those in Israel. Consult an appropriate professional if foreign laws may affect you.

For specific assistance and advice, you should contact an IP professional in the relevant jurisdiction.  We will be happy to assist you in obtaining the advice.

We make no statements of the law

The comments contained in the website and blog about the law are summaries that may not be comprehensive or complete.

The technical terms we use

Many of the terms used on the website and blog have technical or special meanings and some of the information may be affected by the intellectual property laws of other countries.  

The IP system can be complex, so you should seek legal, business or other professional advice relevant to your particular circumstances before relying, acting or omitting to act on any information contained in this website.

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The user assumes all risks associated with the use of this website including, but not limited to:

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