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Trademark Registration Search

Trademark Registration Search

One of the most effective ways to distinguish your product and gain a reputation for it is to have a trademark in place for it. Before one can be issued to you, there must not be one that already exists that covers your type of product or is similar enough to it to create confusion.

Performing a trademark registration search will ensure that your reputation retains the value you’ve built for it over time. It guarantees a lack of duplication exists in the marketplace because you can pursue legal actions if someone uses your mark.

Benefits of a Trademark Registration Search

A comprehensive search before filing a trademark application will help ensure that you avoid conflicts with prior users. You may avoid wasting funds, effort and time to build a reputation for your brand that you later need to forfeit.

You can expect these additional benefits on some level when you perform a search as well.

  1. It is fast and easy.

Performing a search takes very little time compared to what you must dedicate to a rejected mark. It will reveal any conflicting marks that are already registered and pending marks that are similar or exactly like your mark.

  1. You’ll discover potential competitors.

A trademark search will let you see what different names already exist, even if the spelling or appearance is different. This benefit allows you to spot the competition and potentially see how they are performing with their mark to see if your pursuit is worthwhile.

  1. You can avoid an infringement issue.

Whether you intend to infringe an existing mark or do it accidentally, the consequences of such an action could be the same. You might be looking at monetary damages, legal fees, and a cease-and-desist order.

You will not know if your mark could violate another one without comprehensive trademark registration research. This small investment could reap many dividends because of the trouble it can help you avoid.

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