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Strategic partnership with Yagod Morris


Published April 12th 2017

We are happy to announce a  firming of relationship between  our firm and Yagod Morris & Associates  in the form of a strategic partnership.


Yagod Morris has expertise in physics, electronics, medical devices, optics, mechanical engineering and design, software and information technology.  


Michael Morris and Howard have worked together in the past twice in the same firm, and prepared for the License exams together.  Since then we have worked in tandem on several projects. 


Tel Aviv, Israel: 4 Berkovich St.

Ramat Gan, Israel: 2 Jabotinsky St.

Haifa, Israel: 9 Andrei Saharov St.

Karmiel, Israel: 4 Sheizaf St.


[email protected]


skype: howard.teff


Mobile Phone:



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