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Securing your IP (intellectual property) exclusivity requires an invention to have a patent registered in each country of commercial interest.  However, often several years are required to determine which countries are of most commercial interest, but normally there isn’t sufficient time to properly determine in which country to file a patent application, once the first application (the priority) is filed.  If you were to use the standard process in each location, that means you’d be juggling many different applications at once and have a lot of expenses before commercializing the invention.

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When you apply for a patent, it remains in pending status until a reviewer takes a look at your application. Thanks to the Patent Cooperation Treaty, you can keep the option to file at a later date in 152 contracting sites.

If you file one international patent application using the PCT, then you have the option to delaying filing in various countries up to 18 months after the filing of the PCT application.

Benefits of Using the PCT Procedure

Choosing the PCT filing process means that you can file an international application with a regional or national patent office or WIPO. You pay one set of fees, meet the formality requirements, and can use one language.

The content of your international application receives publication as soon as possible after the expiration of 18 months from your earliest filing date. There is a worldwide search that is conducted as part of examination of the PCT application by an offical search authority.  The search identifies prior art such as articles in journals, published patents and patent applications that might be relevant to your claim of a novel invention.

The world’s largest corporations, universities, and research institutions use the PCT patent-pending process to gain exclusivity for their intellectual property. Individual inventors, SMEs, and others benefit from this treaty as well.

In Israel, you have the right to file an Israeli patent application in Hebrew, English, or Arabic. You have three months from entering the PCT national phase to perform a translation into English.

Working with an authorized agent can streamline fulfilling requirements necessary to gain exclusivity for your IP. Start that work today to ensure your ideas receive the exclusivity they need in the international marketplace.

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