The Patenters - חברה לרישום פטנטים

Patent Attorney Israel


Whether you are an individual, a start-up, or a well established company needing a patent attorney Israel, Teff & Associates will help you with your intellectual property rights. We have a team of highly experienced patent attorneys that can help you plan an effective strategy and guide you to your success.

Securing a patent will help protect your new and unique inventions. We will help you with the process every step of the way to protect your inventions’ functional features and design. Our team will not only help you with the filing of your patent application, we are also highly experienced in all aspects of Israeli patent law, Israeli Design law, Israeli trademark ordinance and other Israeli IP law.

We will make the filing process easy for you. We have very competitive prices despite the high quality of work that we deliver. We guarantee that you will find the best patent attorney Israel at Teff & Associates. We have years of experience in intellectual property in a vast range of fields including medical devices, mechanical systems and apparatuses, electrical systems, software, pharmaceuticals and a lot more.

You can see the products of our over 30 years’ experience by looking at samples of our patent work on our website. We have worked in the drafting and prosecuting of patents as well as of trademarks and designs in Israel and all over the world. Our firm has developed strategic partnerships with IP lawyers and patent attorneys. When it comes to patents, it’s best to act sooner than later. So if you’re looking for a patent attorney Israel, all you have to do is give us a call and we will start devising the most effective strategy for your patent.

You can reach us at 972-747145148. You can also send us an email to [email protected].

* Please excuse the incorrect grammar in using the phrase “patent attorney Israel” which is deliberately used for our purposes.

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