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Patent Application Fee

Patent Application Fee

It would be fantastic if you could legally protect your intellectual property without paying a fee. You will find that the cost of working with the Israel Patent Office is highly competitive compared to other authorities around the world.

The current fee list from the Ministry of Justice was published in December 2018, These are the official expenses you can expect to pay for the specific services you require. These costs are outside of whatever professional help you receive.

Examples of Fees for a Patent

Every patent application process is different, so there is no way to guarantee a specific cost. These fees are subject to change at any time as well because they come directly from the government.

Cost of filing a PCT application via the Israeli Patent Office  2800-5000$ depending upon the size of the application, the chosen search authority etc.

Cost of filing an Israeli application via the Israeli Patent Office 340-800$ depending upon the size of the application, the income of the applicant etc.

You can also pay an expediting fee for your patent examination, which is approximately $300.

Fees After Patent Approval

Once your patent receives approval, you must then pay the maintenance fees that allow for the continuation of your protection. The intervals in Israeli patents are before the end of the sixth year, the tenth year, the fourteenth year, and the eighteenth year from the filing date. You also have the option as the patentee to pay the entire 20-year period in advance.

If you do not pay your maintenance fees, then your patent will prematurely expire.

Patent attorneys and licensed practicing advocates do possess an exclusive right for wage brokering with regards to patent prosecution, design registration, document preparation, and trademark representation.

If you have any questions about the potential cost it will be to protect your IP, then contact our team today. We’ll be happy to discuss your situation to help give more clarity to the financial aspects of this service.

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