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Notice Of Allowance Patent

Notice of Allowance Patent

A Notice of Allowance is a document that you receive as a patent applicant. It comes from the patent office after an examiner as decided to issue the requested patent to you. You’ll only receive it after turning in an application and providing all of the information about your invention.

That means you must include a description of the invention, drawings, designs, or blueprints if necessary for someone to carry out the invention.

The Notice of Allowance is the final step in the patent application process. It provides evidence that you have navigated the lengthy, complicated road toward protecting your intellectual property. You now have the permission needed to move forward.

Similarly, a notice of allowance may issue for a design patent application and a trademark application.

You Must Pay the Official Fee for Patent Issuance

The official fee for patent issuance should be paid within a specific number of days, e.g., 90 days, from the date of acceptance. In some jurisdictions the application will then be published for opposition, for a period that depends upon where the application is filed, e.g., for another 90 days.  The current allowance official fee in Israel is 713 NIS.

If no one files an opposition to the application, then you will be granted the patent that is sought, to protect your IP. The first maintenance fees in Israeli patents are for up to the sixth year and must be paid within three months from the issuance of this decision.  The current first maintenance official fee in Israel is 816 NIS.

All of your additional maintenance fees may be paid every four years. You also have the option to pay for the entirety of the validity term at once at a reduced rate if you prefer.

If there is an opposition to the patent, then a proceeding is held to determine the validity of the objection. Should that effort be unsuccessful, then you will still receive the patent.

Representation is highly recommended for the patent prosecution process, especially if you are applying from a foreign market. If you decide to hire an agent, make sure that you are working with a firm that is officially registered to handle these affairs and has a commercial docketing system and professional liability insurance.

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