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    Individuals, start-ups and other small companies lack the training to properly strategize their IP acquisition and often fail to obtain funding from investors. We specialize in guiding such inventors at the very beginning of their way with a custom made, effective strategy that is most likely to lead to successful funding.

    We also represent them in foreign filings and represent foreign companies in their filings in Israel.   

    Why should you register your IP in Israel?

    One reason is to block a competitor, for example in the pharmaceutical or medical device fields which are locally very active.

    Another reason is that a patent application can be filed at a low cost and a quality official search can be ordered and conducted within months of filing.

    Why work with us?

    We strive to give the client the best possible cost-effective service with their interests paramount.  We aim to provide fullest transparency by working with the Israel Patent Office in English as much as is possible, filing responses and reporting to you, all well ahead of the original deadline.   Our full command of both English and Hebrew enable clear and complete communication and understanding.  We provide swift responses.

    The firm is led by Israeli patent attorneys originally from UK and US, whom have amassed an extensive and very diversified practical experience in IP even before opening the office, as well as R&D and industrial experience.    

    Over 30 years of cumulative experience in hands-on work of drafting and prosecuting patent, trademark and design applications in Israel and around the world, including entering national phase from PCT, PPH applications, drafting in oppositions, strategizing and litigation support.  

    It is supremely important for us that every single client receive the very best professional and personal attention.

    We strive to keep things simple and clear.


    We have drafted well over 100 patent applications with a good record of maturation into patents.

    Samples of our work


    The invention and patent belong to the inventor’s company Quality by Vision. The invention relates to a system that provides improved inspection of cans. The SEAM360 is “the ultimate machine vision double seam can inspection gauge“ A US patent was granted without any objections


    Belongs to Polyol, the inventor’s biotechnology company.  A process of obtaining avocado seed extracts comprising polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols (PFAs),  natural actives for preventing and treating UV damage effect to the skin.  See the video regarding the use of the seeds


    Menus that are dynamic and machine learning.  The application essentially deals with a business method based on software.  Nevertheless, all 28 claims were found by the Written Opinion of the Search Authority to have industrial applicability